Vector Corrosion Services

Cathodic Protection Services

cathodic1.jpgStructures suffering from widespread chloride contamination and corrosion may substantially benefit from the use of cathodic protection.  Cathodic protection and electrochemical systems such as galvanic, impressed current, and electrochemical chloride extraction / re-alkalization systems supply direct current to the reinforcing steel to counteract corrosion activity.

Services Offered:

  • Cathodic protection design
  • Commissioning
  • CP system testing
  • Materials selection
  • Bid document preparation
  • Construction inspection
  • Contractor training and support
  • Remote monitoring

Vector Corrosion Services' NACE certified engineers have experience with galvanic and impressed current cathodic protection systems as well as electrochemical treatments such as chloride extraction and re-alkalization.  In marine environments, steel sheet pile corrosion is a major problem and VCS offers steel sheet pile cathodic protection design and testing services.

VCS was the recipient of the Award of Merit in the Water Systems Category from the International Concrete Repair Institute for Extending the Life of Caesar’s Bay Shopping Plaza with Impressed Current Cathodic Protection.  

ICRI Award of Merit - Concrete Repair Bulletin Article

VCS designed the ICCP System at Caesar's Bay Plaza