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Vector Corrosion Services (VCS) has successfully provided solutions for asset managers facing corrosion and concrete durability concerns. Here are projects that we have completed that include investigation, corrosion engineering, and cathodic protection design services for infrastructure and building assets.

VCS is Hiring: Engineer I

Vector Corrosion Services (VCS) specializes in extending the service life of existing and new structures through nondestructive testing, corrosion engineering, material science, cathodic protection (CP) design and structural health monitoring services. Utilizing the most modern tools and techniques, our engineers and technicians perform on-site evaluations and develop a sound understanding of the cause and extent of deterioration. Once we define the durability challenges facing structures, our experience allows us to implement practical, cost-effective repair and rehabilitation solutions, even in the most severe environments.  VCS engineers have significant experience in corrosion of embedded metals in concrete and masonry, service life estimation, and corrosion mitigation techniques.  VCS technicians and engineers undergo industry safety training and hold various NACE Certifications, including the highest level available in the field of cathodic protection (CP): Cathodic Protection Specialist (CP4).

Our Tampa, Florida Office is currently looking to hire an Engineer with a background in civil infrastructure.  Specific responsibilities will vary corresponding with the individual’s experience, training, and certification.  A VCS Engineer is expected to complete tasks such as: on-site condition assessments/investigations, support in the design of cathodic protection systems including calculations and drawings, cathodic protection quality control testing, non-destructive testing, install and troubleshoot instrumentation, prepare test reports, conduct research activities, and generally support other Engineers and Project Managers as required.  Engineer I will work alongside Engineering Technicians to complete field work.

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