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Vector Corrosion Services (VCS) has successfully provided solutions for asset managers facing corrosion and concrete durability concerns. Here are projects that we have completed that include investigation, corrosion engineering, and cathodic protection design services for infrastructure and building assets.

Galvanic Cathodic Protection of Corroded Reinforced Concrete Structures

Matt Miltenberger, VP of Vector Corrosion Services recently co-autored a paper in the NACE Material Performance journal titled "Galvanic Cathodic Protection of Corroded Reinforced Concrete Structures".  The article discusses using galvanic anodes for cathodic prevention and cathodic protection of reinforced concrete structures.  Cases studies include concrete repair of bridges, bridge abutment corrosion, brdge deck overlays, bridge column corrosion, and concrete pile corrosion in a marine saltwater environement.  The article concludes that "Galvanic CP systems utilizing alkali-activated anodes can be designed to remain active and produce sufficient current to meet NACE CP crieterial for 20 to 40 years..."   

The article is available on the NACE website: